Stakers in the Cosmos Ecosystem

Category 1: Delegators (Stakers) across various projects in the Cosmos Ecosystem

  • Delegators from different networks of the Cosmos Ecosystem will be eligible for $SIGNAL StakeDrop with proportional distribution

  • This means that a delegator with 10 addresses, each delegating (staking) 10 coins, will be eligible for the same amount of $SIGNAL as a delegator with one address that has delegated 100 coins

  • StakeDrop will be based on unexpected network snapshots. The date and time of the snapshots will be announced after they will be taken. Snapshots will happen after the finishing of the Sputnik Network test-net

Delegators of the following validators will be excluded from the StakeDrop:

  • CEX-validators (Centralized exchanges ala Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, etc.)

  • Validators from venture capital funds

  • Validators with a participation rate of less than 34% of the proposals they had the opportunity to vote on (this means that if a validator recently joined the network and only had the opportunity to vote on 10 proposals at the time of the snapshot, their delegators will be excluded from the StakeDrop if the validator voted on 3 or fewer proposals out of 10 possible; If such a validator voted on 4 or more proposals out of 10 possible, then the validator’s participation level is more than 34%, which means their delegators will be eligible for a StakeDrop)

  • Validators with 0% commission

In addition, the following addresses will be excluded from the list for StakeDrop:

  • Addresses from which projects delegate large amounts to validators. We are confident that all projects will understand this, since our goal is to widely distribute $SIGNAL among users of the Cosmos Ecosystem, and this StakeDrop is already supporting projects in the Cosmos Ecosystem by distributing StakeDrop to their users (stakers), which already adds additional value to these projects

  • Addresses to which funds came from the addresses of large holders. In other words, if an address with a large number of coins has distributed its coins in smaller quantities across several addresses, all these addresses will be excluded from the list for StakeDrop (a large number of coins will be determined for each network individually, based on network snapshots, after the end of the Sputnik Network test-net). Firstly, this will prevent the concentration of a large amount of $SIGNAL in the hands of a small amount of players; Secondly, the target audience of the Sputnik App is not large stake holders, but individual users of the Cosmos Ecosystem;

The amount of $SIGNAL to be distributed to delegators (stakers) in each network will depend on the total number of coins in the stake (Total Bonded Rate): the more coins staked in the network, the more $SIGNAL will be allocated for the StakeDrop

The exact list of networks for the $SIGNAL StakeDrop will be published after the finishing of the Sputnik Network test-net. However, it can already be stated that delegators (stakers) of the following networks will be eligible for StakeDrop:

  • Akash Network

  • Cosmos Hub

  • Cyber (Bostrom)

  • Dymension


  • Injective Protocol

  • Juno Network

  • OmniFlix

  • Osmosis

  • Persistence

  • Secret Network

  • Source Protocol

!!! This is not the entire list! The full list of networks eligible for the $SIGNAL StakeDrop will be published after the end of the test-net and before the launch of the Sputnik Network main-net !!!

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