Sputnik DEX

Sputnik DEX will provide the following functionality for Sputnik App:

  • Quick exchange of one token for another

  • Creation of Liquidity Pools

  • Providing the liquidity

  • Receiving rewards for providing liquidity

The main difference between Sputnik DEX and all other decentralized exchanges will be the modernized liquidity pool module, which will allow you to exchange small quantities of one token for another with minimal slippage even in pools with low liquidity

The exact model of liquidity pools on Sputnik DEX will be more similar to the Curve model and will be published soon

On Sputnik DEX:

  • Rewards for providing liquidity will only be for pools paired with $SIGNAL

  • All token exchanges from other networks will occur through the $SIGNAL token

  • Sputnik DEX will be governed by $SIGNAL stakers

  • All transactions and creation of liquidity pools will be paid in $SIGNAL

All of it will add functionality for the $SIGNAL token, as well as increase the amount of transactions in the Sputnik Network App-chain

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