Exchange from Internal Address

In the Personal Account, the User can exchange tokens from the Internal Address for other tokens or NFTs

For this:

  • The User must select "Exchange" in the Personal Account menu

  • Select the amount and type of tokens that the User wants to exchange

  • Select the type of tokens that the User wants to receive

  • The Sputnik App will access the Liquidity Pools on the Sputnik DEX, as well as other friendly DEXs from the Cosmos Ecosystem, and will display to the User the highest possible amount of tokens that the User can receive upon exchange

  • If the User is satisfied with the exchange conditions, then the User needs to click on the “Swap” button

After this, Sputnik App will exchange the specified tokens from the Internal Address, and the User will receive the desired tokens to the Internal Address

Exchange of tokens or NFTs from a Personal Address is a Web3 functionality, and Sputnik App does not have access to tokens or NFTs on a user's Personal Address, even if the User has linked a Personal Address in the Personal Account

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