Multi-Send from Personal Address

In the Personal Account, the User can send tokens or NFTs from the Personal Address by a list that consists of blockchain-addresses, usernames, or emails

For this:

  • The User must select "Multi-Send" in the Personal Account menu

  • Select own Personal Address as the sender

  • As recipients, specify a list of blockchain-addresses, or Telegram, Twitter, Discord usernames, or emails

  • Input the amount and type of tokens

  • Click on the "Multi-send" button

  • Sputnik App will access the Internal Record and create a transaction where the recipients, instead of usernames and/or emails, will be the blockchain-addresses that Sputnik App associates with the specified usernames and/or emails

  • Sputnik App will contact the Crypto-wallet so that the User signs the sending transaction from the Personal Address

  • After the User signs the transaction, tokens or NFTs will be sent from the Personal Address by a list of blockchain addresses

For all usernames and emails for which the Internal Record does not contain data on association with blockchain-addresses, the App Address will be indicated as the recipient, and the “memo” field will contain a link to the Internal Record in which Sputnik App recorded the amount, type of tokens, and recipients

Once recipients link their username or email, Sputnik App will access the Internal Record and give them access to the tokens or NFTs that were sent by their username or email

If no one attaches these usernames or emails to their Personal Account within a year, Sputnik App will send these tokens from the App Address to the Sputnik Network App-chain Community Pool

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