Send from Internal Address

In the Personal Account, the User can send tokens or NFTs from the Internal Address to any other blockchain-address, either by username or email

For this:

  • The User must select "Internal Sending" in the Personal Account menu

  • As the recipient, input the blockchain-address, or Telegram, Twitter, Discord username, or email

  • Input the amount and type of tokens to send

  • Click on the "Send" button

If the User has specified a blockchain-address as the recipient, then Sputnik App will make a transaction from the Internal Address of user to the blockchain-address

If the User specified a username or email as the recipient, Sputnik App will access the Internal Record, and:

Sending tokens or NFTs from a Personal Address is a Web3 functionality, and Sputnik App does not have access to tokens or NFTs on a user's Personal Address, even if the User has linked a Personal Address in the Personal Account

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