Send from Personal Address

When the User sends tokens or NFTs from the Personal Address, the User uses the Sputnik App as the user interface to send the transaction on the blockchain, and for this the User needs to sign the transaction using a Crypto-wallet - this is a decentralized functionality and the Sputnik App does not have access to the tokens located at Personal Address

To send tokens or NFTs from a Personal Address to any other blockchain-address, either by username or email:

If the Internal Record does not contain data on the association of the username or email with the blockchain-address, then the App Address will be indicated as the recipient, and the Telegram, Twitter or Discord username or email will be indicated in the “memo” field

Sputnik App uses the username or email address specified in the "memo" field to record information into the Internal Record about which User will need to receive tokens or NFTs when linking the username or email

If no one links these usernames or emails in the Personal Account within a year, Sputnik App will send these tokens from the App Address to the Sputnik Network App-chain Community Pool

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