• Dev-net

  • Preparation of documentation

  • Preparing public GitHub

  • Preparing a test-net

  • Accepting applications for participation from validators

  • Preparation of ambassador campaigns

  • Negotiations with projects

  • Selecting networks, communities and NFT collections for StakeDrop distribution

  • Search for Advisors

  • Website creation

  • Creating a browser version of the application

  • Creating bots for Telegram, Twitter and Discord

  • Creation of Personal Account UI/UX

  • Preparing Social Networks for interaction with users and the community

  • Development of Sputnik DEX

  • Development of Sputnik dApp


  • Test-net launch

  • Testing the browser version of the application

  • Testing the Personal Account

  • Creation of mobile applications for iOS and Android

  • Collecting data about validator delegators who will take part in the test-net

  • Creating a final list of networks, communities and NFT collections for StakeDrop distribution

  • Creating xSIGNAL for distribution via StreamSwap

  • Launch of an ambassador company

  • Launching an application for Early Users

  • Testing Sputnik DEX

  • Testing Sputnik dApp


  • Launch of the main-net

  • Starting the exchange of xSIGNAL to $SIGNAL

  • Distribution of StakeDrop by categories

  • Launch of Sputnik DEX

  • Launch of Sputnik dApp

  • Launch of IBC-relayers with the maximum possible inclusion of various networks from the Cosmos Ecosystem

  • Launch of full initial functionality of the browser version and mobile applications

  • Integration with crypto-wallets from the Cosmos Ecosystem


  • Implementation of existing DEXes, their functionality and liquidity pools under the hood of the Sputnik App

  • Implementation of the functionality of other projects of the Cosmos Ecosystem under the hood of the Sputnik App


  • Implementation of EVM networks in Sputnik App (Ethereum, Polygon, Optimis, Arbitrum, and others)

  • Implementation of Solana in Sputnik App

  • Creating a provable staker profile to receive airdrops

  • Creating lists of verified stakers for airdrops

  • Implementation of the issuance of personal tokens

  • Implementation of creation of liquidity pools with personal tokens

  • Incentivizing liquidity pools with personal tokens

  • Implementation of private distribution of tokens from one address to many other addresses


  • Implementation of sending funds from centralized exchanges (ala Binance-pay) to Sputnik App

  • Integration with banking services

  • Issue of Sputnik Pay payment cards


  • Transiting the security of Sputnik Network to the security of a Decentralized Digital PostState

  • Burning remaining $SIGNAL tokens from the Community Pool

  • Granting citizenship to stakers and liquidity providers

  • $UNIT drop for stakers and liquidity providers

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