Sputnik Network App-chain

Sputnik Network App-chain is a blockchain based on the Cosmos SDK, specially launched to implement the decentralized functionality of the Sputnik App

In other words, Sputnik Network App-chain plays the role of a decentralized server for Sputnik App

Sputnik Network App-chain has the following functionality:

  • Sending and receiving tokens, both within the network and through IBC

  • Delegation (staking) of tokens

  • Creating proposals and voting on proposals

  • Creation of liquidity pools and provision of liquidity

  • Creating multi-signature addresses

  • Creation and transfer of NFT

  • Creation of InterChain Accounts

  • Granting permissions from one address to another (auto-restake is one of the results of this function)

In the Sputnik Network,the $SIGNAL token is used for the security, decentralized governance and transaction fees

Since the above functionality represents transactions on the blockchain and requires a fee for sending the transaction, users will be given several "free transactions" per day (transactions will be free for users, but not for the blockchain - the fee for these "free transactions" will be paid from the business address ( feegrant module))

The amount of “free transactions” will be restored every day, but will not accumulate, so no more than 5 free transactions can be sent daily from each Personal Account

This functionality will significantly simplify login for users who are just starting to join the Web3, and will also help resolve a long-standing discrepancy: “To receive cryptocurrency to an address, you need to pay a transaction fee, and to pay a transaction fee, you need to have cryptocurrency on the address.”

It will be possible to launch any number of decentralized applications on the Sputnik Network, and the following dApps will initially be launched:

These dApps can be used independently, but will also complement and interact with each other and with the Sputnik App

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