Category 4: Holders of NFTs from friendly collections

We are in the processes of selecting NFT-collections for StakeDrop, but we already approve 4 NFT-collections:

  • Sin Garden - stars19fv7az3mdpl3kpz22dqwfrp8n8tm82de0efyzmnrrvpf8qysuscsv26mal

  • DeFi Geeks - stars1mg2hg6gppf78svvntya2065tvpuhfx6qf6zmv2z0n8hclpap7ycszq8v22

  • Pigeon Bandits - stars12c9nrpkqrfmdvrx4ex8d6qfs8rwrnclsk5jtk4r6u4gy9mjl97js626dtp

  • Weired Friends - stars1ufjxnat78ftny4jmmcyujd0w00kt5ktvk4xpgmge4czja2dyn8tqpcn7ja

  • MOO - stars1py9rk2aupqavvm92470ujc6dfekas7lfe83jj28s6aue44mgn7lqaj5pju

  • Stakers of NFTs on NFTgang platform

! This is not the whole list

!! A full list of NFT collections eligible for the $SIGNAL StakeDrop will be published after the test-net and before the launch of the main-net

!!! If your NFTs are staked, you are also eligible for the StakeDrop

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