150,000,000 $SIGNAL (~29.29% of the Initial Supply) will be distributed through a StakeDrop among next categories:

  • Category 1: Delegators (Stakers) across various projects in the Cosmos Ecosystem

  • Category 2: Delegators (Stakers) of validators in the main network of the Sputnik Network App-chain

  • Category 3: Participants of active communities who contribute to the development of the Cosmos Ecosystem

  • Category 4: Holders of NFTs from friendly collections

  • Category 5: Early users of the Sputnik App

Important addition:

  • Users will need to claim the StakeDrop (all not claimed $SIGNAL will go to Community Pool)

  • The StakeDrop claim process will occur in several stages

  • Details about the claim process will be announced after the completion of the test network for the Sputnik Network App-chain

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